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On a weekend when we celebrate giving yourself and your love for the sake of others, sharing bread with those around you, and the renovation of our hearts to be more loving and compassionate towards ALL human beings, we received some amazing gifts at St. Felix Centre!  A group of Gr3 students from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, made some wonderful gift-bags for our guests as a way to celebrate Easter ❤. The bags had different care products,  but most importantly, each of them contained a special handwritten message from a child to a guest.  What a beautiful way to celebrate love and hope!  Two of the students came to the Centre to drop-off the gift-bags, and of course, they fell in love with Jigsaw 😉. Thank you so much for your gifts, guys! And kudos to their parents and school for encouraging the children to support and LOVE those who need them the most!
Our Clothing Bank is one of the many services St. Felix Centre offers to our guests. 👕🧦 Often, we don't realize how impactful personal appearance can be in the way people treat, or unfairly label, those experiencing homelessness or other complex challenges.  Our Clothing Bank offer our guests some of the dignity we all deserve, but it also supports them when looking for job opportunities or attending diverse appointments.  Yesterday we received an amazing donation from @vitaly! 👍  Lots of boxes of new great-quality t-shirts and sweatshirts in several colours for our guests!  Thank you so much for this amazing gift, Vitaly! 🙏🏻 Your generosity will touch the lives of many people in need.
This is one of our furry guests! 🐱 Our Centre has a long tradition of being 100% pet friendly.  As part of our P.A.W.S. Program, St. Felix Centre is partnering once again with our awesome @vca_canada friends to help people experiencing homelessness and financial instability with the caring of their pets! 🐾  Together, we will host a Free Rabies Clinic & Pet Food Pantry at our two Respite sites, in Downtown Toronto.  If you are, or you know someone, in need of support, please visit any of our sites from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on:
Tuesday, April 23, at 69 Fraser Ave.
Wednesday, April 24, at 25 Augusta Ave.
Please help us spread the word about this incredible initiative!  We want those amazing furry-four-legged companions healthy and happy!
If you would like to support our P.A.W.S. Program, please visit our website to make a donation.
As we come to the end of National Volunteer Week, please meet Smita, one of our fantastic Community Meals Program volunteers. “I am affiliated with AMMA Canada and we have been participating with St Felix Centre for a good number of years since the early 2000s.  The impact I’ve had was being extremely grateful to what I have already. Only recently I got a tour by one of the staff to see what the dorm looks like. I saw the beds and how the staff had to monitor the washrooms, how the clients request blankets and hygiene packages, and I realized this could be me if I wasn’t in a comfortable economic position”. What drives Smita to continue to volunteer? “St Felix Centre is definitely my ‘happy place’. I go there every week because the purpose of making a difference in a small way drives me to use myself for a greater good”. Thank you Smita!
This week, we celebrate our fantastic volunteers even more than usual, so meet Eric! “I have been involved with St Felix Centre as a volunteer since the fall of 2015 when I was a U of T student.  While I began volunteering to work on my resume, I have stuck with it because I feel I have truly become part of the St Felix Centre community.  I know that just about every time I volunteer, either I or other staff get a big thank-you for the food, the service, or even just taking the time to talk with the guests about their lives.  I would say that just having a space where they are safe, valued and heard has a huge impact in their lives.  If I can help keep someone from going hungry, or chat and out a smile on their face, that’s all the incentive I need to keep coming back and helping out at St Felix Centre”. - @armstrong.eric90
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On behalf of St. Felix Centre's staff and guests, we wish all our volunteers, our amazing "Heroes Without Capes", a Happy National Volunteer Week! 💕 What better way to start the celebration than having a wonderful group from @salesforce helping in our kitchen this morning!  Salesforce has been a strong supporter and FRIEND of our Centre for a long time - Thank you, guys! 🙌  To all our volunteers, no matter how you help our Centre offer love and compassion, YOU make all the difference in the lives of many! 👏👏👏 THANK YOU! 🙏🏻
Positive energy, smiles😁, and lots of love💕 - Our Community Meals Program received all those gifts from the incredible students from @tdchristianhighschool!🙏🏻 Throughout the week, different groups of students came to volunteer in our kitchen, preparing and serving many delicious meals for our guests.  It is so important to plant the seed of compassion in our children and youth.  Thank you guys for making a difference!  You are awesome!
Kudos to an amazing group of @tdchristianhighschool Grade 11s who came to prepare and serve nutritious meals to the guests of our Community Meals Program!  All the way from Woodbridge, and half of them coming back to spend the day with us for the second time, after they volunteered with us as Grade 9s!  Wonderful for us all to see such care and compassion continuing all through the high school years!
Each year, many corporate groups come to St. Felix Centre ready to share their time with our guests; to show them compassion and kindness; to make a difference in the lives of those in need of support.  Today we had this awesome group from @rbc volunteering in our kitchen!  RBC teams have been a constant support for our Community Meals Program, helping to prep and serve hundreds of meals for our guests.  Thank you so much for your support today, guys!
If your corporate group is interested in giving back to the community, please do not hesitate in contacting us at volunteer@stfelixcentre.com.

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