24-Hour Respite Program

Originally created as a seasonal, emergency cold weather response program when temperatures dropped below -15, the 24-Hour Respite Program has undergone constant evolution to respond to the current needs of Toronto’s most vulnerable populations: homeless or marginally housed individuals and their pets.

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provided rest spaces per month

Now as 24-hour service, we work hand and hand with the City of Toronto to provide round the clock support to those who need it most. This has given us the opportunity to not only provide basic needs, but forge connections with community members and other organizations who are able to provide additional support to our guests, such as health supports, referrals to shelter beds, detox programs, and other social services.

Many of our guests have complex needs, including active addictions and concurrent mental illness, and therefore we have adopted a low-barrier service mandate to ensure our supports are easily accessible. It has been said that the opposite of addiction is connection, and this is our goal; building stronger communities through compassionate care.

We are currently operating two sites:

  • 25 Augusta Ave, Toronto ON, M5T 2k7
  • 69 Fraser Ave, Toronto ON, M6K 1E9