A Young And Generous Heart Connecting With Those in Need

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On a cold day like today it is good to read a warm story. This is Armaan, and he came to the Centre to bring many gift bags for our guests. This amazing young man raised funds amongst family and friends, used almost all of his Christmas money, and inspired Walmart Canada to match the contributions he received, to put together the gift bags he personally handed out to our guests!

Each bag had brand new thermal socks, gloves, a hat, gift certificates for McDonald’s and Tim Hortons, and a bag of delicious Hershey Kisses.  What an awesome gift bag!  We introduced Armaan to our guests in the dining area and explained to them what he had done… Suddenly, they all started clapping and cheering Armaan.  Our guests received their bags one by one, thanking, fist bumping, and even hugging Armaan.  The scene was amazing, with love traveling in both directions!  Our staff was moved almost to tears by the moment we were witnessing: a young and compassionate heart deeply connecting with the soul of our guests, who have so much kindness to share when they feel accepted and loved.

As if that wasn’t already enough, Armaan and his mom left some other brand new items for our clothing bank too.  Armaan went home after that, but he left behind a strong feeling of community, kindness, generosity and inspiration.  THANK YOU Armaan! You are an extraordinary human being.

We would like to congratulate Armaan’s parents for raising such an amazing young man.  If all of us would work in planting the seed of compassion in the heart of children, then the future could be so much better for EVERYONE!

Sharing is caring!