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On March 23rd, 2019, our Centre hosted a wonderful event presented and organized by the Toronto Chapter of the DisclosureFest Foundation: The Feed Our Souls Initiative!  A day to celebrate our community in a positive space offering kindness, a delicious meal, and different support opportunities for people who are currently experiencing homelessness, extreme poverty, and financial instability.  It was an amazing event!

The day started with an Indigenous blessing by Tahira Veda. After that, guests were able to start exploring the free clothing section, which included gently used and new clothes donated by TJX Canada and Peace and Cotton.

Health and toiletry kits were also available, and guests enjoyed snacks as they listened – some of them danced! – the rhythms played by the incredible professional DJ, Sarah Jane Riegler.

And then lunch arrived!  A delicious plant-based meal using local produce donated by suppliers, prepared and served by Executive Chef John Morris, from 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, and Chef Miriam Echeverria, from Greta Solomon’s Dining Room.

The morning was full of positive energy and our guests had a wonderful time. Big kudos to Vera Audette – Toronto Chapter Leader of the DisclosureFest Foundation – and to all those who supported her in organizing the event!  We will continue creating more opportunities for our guests to feel welcome, accepted, and loved, in a space filled with a strong sense of community.

Sharing is caring!