Lighting The Way


Our second annual Lighting the Way Christmas campaign was a huge success! Thank you so much to all who participated by making a donation and spreading the word. Thanks to your generosity we exceeded our goal! Your support will have a tremendous impact in the lives of our guests and their pets.

We know the holiday season always inspires us to give back and be more aware of those members of our community in need of our love and support; but please remember that homelessness is a year-round challenge in our amazing Toronto. Please stay close to St. Felix Centre to stay informed about other opportunities to support our guests – some of the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our community.

THANK YOU once more for helping us make a difference!

St. Felix Centre offers a welcoming and inclusive environment that respects all religions, genders, cultures, and abilities. Everyone is welcome at St Felix Centre – including pets! If you would like to make a donation please visit the “Donate” page or call 416-203-1624.