Casework and Social Supports

Casework and Social Supports at St. Felix Centre are provided using a low barrier approach. We understand that our guests face complex challenges, and we want our supports to be as accessible as possible. Through working with our Caseworkers and Social Support Coordinators at St. Felix Centre, our guests are engaged in identifying what we can do to help, whether it be a crisis situation or a long term goal.

Receiving social support from service providers is an important factor in making positive changes in a vulnerable person’s mental and physical health. Our Social Support Coordinators engage with guests during crises and difficult times to provide assistance, encouragement and connect them to other community resources to assist in finding immediate solutions.

Continuing support for guests ready to set and work towards long term goals is provided by our Case Workers. They assist guests with housing support, referrals to primary health care and psychiatry, substance use counselling and support, addressing legal issues and financial entitlements and income assistance such as OW, ODSP and CPP. St. Felix Centre accepts our guests where they are, and makes efforts to support their transition into a fuller, healthier life.