P.A.W.S. Program (Pets: Accessing Wellness Supports)

St Felix Centre has always been and will always be pet friendly. We understand that a person’s entire support system can be their pet – this can be particularly true for a person experiencing homelessness. Pets play an important role in their owners’ mental health, and actually increase their chances of improving their lives and overcoming homelessness and addictions.

All of our guests cherish their pets and take good care of them, however sometimes they have a hard time giving them access to veterinarian and other services. Fortunately for our furry friends, this is where P.A.W.S. jumps in! Our P.A.W.S. program (Pets: Accessing Wellness Supports) provides guests with the opportunity to apply for veterinary services including neutering, vaccinations, and prescription medications, up to a value of $300. St. Felix Centre recognizes that these are not ordinary pets; some of our guests are experiencing very complex and painful challenges, and for them their pets are not just a companion, but the only family they have left.

Our P.AW.S. program has a strong partnership with the Toronto Humane Society and has received the incredible support from VCA Canada since the beginning of the program.


Help us in supporting these amazing four-legged companions by making a donation to the P.A.W.S. program! Your donations can make all the difference for these furry friends and their owners.